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About Us

SpectraCAD is your partner in complete PCB Solutions.

Our mission is to be the foremost one-stop shop for all PCB related services.  At SpectraCAD, the focus is high-end, small to medium quantities and quick-turn PCBs.

SpectraCAD Engineering is ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified.

PCBs that are designed according to industry specifications and standards incorporating the latest technologies.  Technologies that greatly contribute to the consistent first-rate performance of our products that our customers have come to love. The full range of PCB services, from schematic capture to functional test, are set to ensure all the needs of our customers.

Our business model adopts lean manufacturing eliminating waste and funneling resources toward constant improvement of quality.  We like to view our customers as partners. That is, we exert an all-out effort to achieve a close professional relationship with our customer and become quickly knowledgeable of their specific and individual needs.

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SpectraCAD Engineering

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