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Power Surge Protection connectors

PCB Design Services

Client Industry: Aerospace

The Challenge: High current capability in very small limited space

Our Solution: (1) Removing pads in internal layers and (2) grouping connections in every other layer.

Our Process

SpectraCAD engineers were able to solve this challenge for the client by utilizing an innovative approach, proposing the idea of using just holes for the connector pins and only adding pads on layers where absolutely needed.

At the time of this project (2008), it was typical for unused pads to be removed after the completion of the layout, but not at the start. By taking an unconventional, yet inventive approach, our team discovered that removing the pads in the internal layers resulted in wider pathways between the pins of the connectors. Consequently, we were able to run wider traces between each pin, and this benefit was duplicated across all other pins in every layer of the project, thus equating to an increased high current capacity of each trace by 600%.


SpectraCAD Engineering became the sole exclusive supplier for this customer for more than a decade, providing ongoing innovation and expertise for projects across multiple applications.