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HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Test) boards


Client Industry: Semiconductor

The Challenge: Cost reduction by eliminating the use of expensive test sockets

Our Solution: Designing a Universal HAST board, without using expensive IC test sockets. We were able to use this board for multiple products for the client (cost and resource savings).

Our Process

The SpectraCAD team designed and developed a universal HAST board,, which would serve as a “mother” test board, so that any DUT (Device Under Test) parts would be soldered onto it and serve as the “daughter board”. This resulted in the re-use of the mother HAST board, which equated to large financial savings for the client and higher resource efficient in test staff and time. The client adopted this HAST testing approach for over a dozen projects, as it became a standard approach to their processes. 


Over $6 million in savings for the client and ongoing improvements to the client’s testing protocols.