Full Spectrum PCB Services

Full Spectrum PCB Services

SpectraCAD Engineering provides a full spectrum of PCB services applicable to a large array of customers through specified methods of PCB Layout, FAB, Assembly and Multi-Chip Module design. Working alongside our partners, SpectraCAD will meet all the needs of our customers in today’s time/detailed-dependant technical world.

PCB Layout

Incorporating over 30 years of PCB Layout experience in the field, our design engineers will use the latest CAD/Design Tools and  Signal Integrity techniques, Per IPC-2221, IPC-2222, and IPC-2223 and in Altium, Allegro, or Pads PCB formats to provide you with the very best quality layout available anywhere.

Custom component libraries are created per each customer’s requirement. Also are available Component libraries per IPC-7351 requirements and   IPC-SM-782A Land patterns


Our PCB Design and Layout's Include:

  • High Speed Designs with EMI Control and Signal Integrity
  • High Density Designs with Blind and Buried microvias, embedded resistors and Embedded Capacitance
  • High Power PCBs with Heavy Copper
  • Digital, Designs with topology
  • Analog and Mixed Signal Designs
  • Controlled Impedance and Differential pair
  • Rigid, Flex, and Rigid-Flex Design
  • Press-fit HAST and Reliability Boards
  • Load Boards and DUT Cards
  • Component Footprint Adapters
  • Substrates and interposers
  • Multi Chip Modules (MCM) in LCC, QFP, and BGA Form Factor
  • Chip On Board
  • Component Stacking

PWB (PCB Fabrication)

Our Rigid and Rigid-Flex suppliers are chosen from highly qualified manufacturers and regularly audited per ISO and AS9100 certification. Our AVL includes manufacturers with MIL Standard Certificates and ITAR registered, offering PWB manufacturing per IPC-6012, Class 3 and 3A


PWA (PCB Assembly)

SpectraCAD Engineering represents a local assembly house with 20,000 sf facility, AS9100 and NADCAP certified.  Automated assembly with 0201 capability and state of the art Automated Optical Inspection



Our PCB Assemblies Include:

  • SMT and Through Hole Assembly
  • Box Build and Mechanical Assembly
  • Cable Assembly
  • BGA , UBGA and CSP Placement
  • Fine Pitch Placement
  • BGA Re-balling
  • Cable Assembly
  • Conformal Coating and encapsulation
  • Automated Optical Inspection

Our PCB Test Capabilities Include:

  • Functional Test
  • In-Circuit Test
  • Burn-in
  • HAST
  • 85/85